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About our Company

Vision Pools Inc. is a family-run business who has been building concrete, in-ground, swimming pools in the Tristate area (Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware) for over 25 years. We have built both new residential backyard pools and commercial swimming pools.

John Talucci , Principle/Owner ( Johnny T ) has over 30 years of extensive experience in all aspects of Aquatic facility design and construction. Graduating a mason with master skills ranked third in the nation, he has spent a lifetime in the industry. Before the inception of Vision Pools in the early 2000’s, he was foreman and prime business administrator for Talucci contractors. For fifteen years, his responsibilities included supervising and constructing specialty aquatic projects, meeting the needs of owners and architects, and working directly to bring together consultants and engineers to exceed owner project expectations. Not only does he bring a wealth of hands on knowledge and experience unsurpassed in the industry to the table, there is much more.

In 2000, John took a forty country ( that’s right, forty country ) year-long bicycle tour, where he studied architecture and aquatic designs from around the globe first hand, bringing back what he learned and applying it to the aquatic field in the United States. From the whimsical buildings contrived by Goudy in Barcelona and the roman baths and aqueducts, to the iceberg pool in Sydney and the hanging gardens pool of Ubud, no one can bring a more unique ascetic appeal to a project that inspires and meets the needs and wants of all parties. John is still hands-on during the construction phase and can be found equally as much in the pool as he can behind the desk, a claim few if none in the swimming pool industry can truthfully make. It is his belief that this is the only way to truly have quality control over a project.

Design build your swimming pool construction or renovation project with us and get:
  • Concept and Design
  • Full Renovation and construction solutions
  • Staff and facility training
  • First Rate Aquatic Solutions
  • The first and last stop for your aquatic project
Our vast experience and network of professionals flawlessly bring together owners, architects and engineers in a collaborative, productive environment to meet realistic goals and produce award winning aquatic facilities.


We simultaneously estimate construction costs and can accurately conceptualize the completed project. The decision to proceed with the project is made before substantial design expenditure and with knowledge of final project cost.
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